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  4. Current Pending Cases - Civil

    1. Beverly Gardner v. Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital (Health Care Liability Claim)

    2. Dennis Harold Ultsch v. HTI Memorial Hospital Corporation (Health Care Liability Claim)

    3. Brittany Borngne Ex Rel Miyona Hyter v. Chattanooga-Hamilton County Hospital Authority et al. (HCLA Case with Multiple Issues - Read Summary for More Information))

    4. Penny Lawson, et al. v. Hawkins County, TN, et al. (GTLA claim - Public Duty Doctrine; Special Duty Exception)

    5. George Gary Ingram v. Dr. Michael Gallagher, et al. (Tenn. R. Civ. P. 54 and 60 and Voluntary Dismissals)

    6. Kenneth J. Mynatt v. National Treasury Employees Union, Chapter 39 (Malicious Prosecution and Civil Conspiracy)

    7. In Re Markus E. (Parental Rights Termination & Fairness of Termination Proceeding)

    8. Greg Adkisson, et al v. Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. (Rule 23 - Civil Procedure and TSCPA)

    9. Paul Zachary Moss v. Shelby County Civil Service Merit Board (Wrongful Termination and Due Process Violation)

    10. Crotty v. Flora (HCLA - Attempt to Assert Alternative Causation Theory Against Subsequent, Nonparty Provider Without Any Fault Allegation)

    11. Emergency Medical Care Facilities, P.C. v. Division of TennCare et al. (UAPA / TennCare Reimbursement)

    12. Ernest Falls et al. v. Mark Goins et al. (Voting Rights)

    13. Roger Baskin v. Pierce and Allred Construction Inc (Breach of Contract)

    14. Commercial Painting Company Inc. v. The Weitz Company LLC

    15. Welch v. Oaktree Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC D/B/A Christian Care Centers of Memphis

    16. James Williams v. Smyrna Residential, LLC et al. (Authority of Facility Patient to Make Legal and Medical Decision)

    17. Larry Strickland, et al v. Dusty Rhoades, et al. (Denied Motion for Temporary Injunction by Written Order)

    18. Pratik Pandharipande, M.D. v. FSD Corporation

  5. Current Pending Cases - Criminal

    1. State of Tennessee v. Corey Forest (Error on Denied Motion to Suppress Evidence)

    2. State of Tennessee v. Ronald Lyons, James Michael Usinger, Lee Harold Cromwell, Austin Gary Cooper, and Christopher Alan Hauser (Forgery)

    3. State of Tennessee v. Joseph Gevedon (Restitution Concern)

    4. State of Tennessee v. Quinton Devon Perry (Sentencing Issues)

    5. State of Tennessee v. Johnny Summers Cavin (Restitution Concern)

    6. State of Tennessee v. Tony Thomas and Laronda Turner (Brady Issue; Sufficiency of Evidence Issue)

    7. State of Tennessee v. Kemontea Dovon McKinney (Murder, Robbery, and Theft Appeal)

    8. State of Tennessee v. Dashun Shackleford

    9. State of Tennessee v. Anthony Lee Carter (MVHO)

    10. State of Tennessee v. George H. Person (MVHO)

    11. Jessie Dotson v. State of Tennessee (Denial of Appellate Remedy)

  6. Recently Decided Cases - Civil

    1. City of Knoxville, Tennessee v. Netflix, Inc. (Definition of CCVSA) (Decided Nov. 22, 2022).

    2. Elijah “LIJ” Shaw, et al. v. Metropolitan Nashville Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Challenge of Metropolitan Code Provision Concerning Home-Based Businesses)

    3. Donovan v. Hastings (Failure to State a Claim and Claim for Attorney's Fees)

    4. Newsome (Starbuck) v. Tennessee Republican Party (Candidate Excluded from GOP Primary)

    5. Recipient of Final Expunction Order in McNairy County Circuit Court Case No. 3279 v. David B. Rausch, Director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, et al.

    6. Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County et al. v. Tennessee Department of Education, et al. (Constitutional Challenge to State Statute-Tennessee Education Savings Account Pilot Program).

    7. Cooper v. Mandy (HCLA Case - Multiple Issues - See Summary)

    8. Kampmeyer et al. v. State of Tennessee (Failure to Give Notice of Loss of Consortium Claim in Case Before Claims Commission)

  7. Recently Decided Cases - Criminal

    1. State of Tennessee v. Booker (Sentencing of a Minor) DECIDED NOVEMBER 18, 2022

    2. State of Tennessee v. Lynn Frank Bristol (Sexual Battery and Rape, Amendment of Indictment, Jury Instructions - Failure to Given Written Charge) DECIDED OCTOBER 7, 2022

    3. State of Tennessee v. Tyler Ward Enix (Robbery and Murder Appeal; Closing Argument, Photographs, Change of Venue, and Jury Instructions) DECIDED SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

    4. State of Tennessee v. Marvin Maurice Deberry (MVHO; Amendment to Statute Before Sentencing) DECIDED AUGUST 30, 2022

    5. State of Tennessee v. Douglas E. Linville (Possession with Intent to Distribute - Drug-Free Zone Issue) DECIDED JUNE 1, 2022

    6. State of Tennessee v. William Eugene Moon (Attempted Murder and Unlawful Employment of a Firearm; Improper Impeachment; Speedy Trial) DECIDED APRIL 20, 2022

    7. State of Tennessee v. Craig Dagnan (Probation Revocation) DECIDED MARCH 4, 2022

    8. State of Tennessee v. Jeremy Reynolds (First Degree Murder; Gang Issues, Evidence Issues) DECIDED NOVEMBER 29, 2021

    9. State of Tennessee v. Urshawn Eric Miller (Aggravated Assault and Murder; Jury Selection; Death Penalty; Prior Acts Evidence During Penalty Phase) DECIDED DECEMBER 7, 2021