About This Resource

“Pending Cases Before the Tennessee Supreme Court” is designed to give you an instant ability to (a) see which cases are pending before the Tennessee Supreme Court; and (b) ascertain the status of those cases.

The Tennessee Supreme Court accepts less than seventy (75) cases for review each year, but almost every decision impacts a significant number of pending and future cases.  Thus, lawyers needed a ready, user-friendly site to access this information.

When review of a case is accepted by the Court, a special page will be created for the case.  The entry will link to the decision to be reviewed.  The page will be updated as briefs are filed and when oral argument is set.  When the video of the oral argument is posted, a link will be put on the page.  And, when the Supreme Court releases the opinion, the opinion will be added to the page.

Appeals and opinions concerning Board of Professional Responsibility issues are not included.

In short, this resource gives you an easy way to determine if the Court is considering an issue that will impact one of your cases, or impact a case acceptance decision.


John Day


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